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Boca do Inferno | A unique rock formation in Portugal

Boca do Inferno Hells Mouth Lisbon Cascais Portugal

Earlier in september I had the pleasure to visit for the second time this scenic cliff formation located west of Cascais, Portugal known as Hell’s Mouth (Boca do Inferno in portuguese), formed by the erosion of a weak vein of limestone in the cliff face. This initially lead to a cave being excavated which slowly expanded over the generations. The tougher outer rock remained while the weaker rock was eroded to such a stage that the roof of the cave collapsed forming the unique Boca do Inferno.

This 45m (150 feet) high rock formation comes to life when the ocean waves get rough and crash against the cliff face. In the summer these waves merely splash around in the open cave but during winter storms the full force of the ocean is funnelled into the cave. Funnily enough, I experienced the exact opposite. The first time I’ve been here (Winter 2012) the sea was dead quiet, however I was luckier this summer as you can see from the waves’ trails in the photograph.  With the nature’s force in its full I could experience this majestic natural display.

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