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4 Magical Tree Tunnels You Must Take A Walk Through

Jardins Rio Mondego Coimbra Portugal Dark Hedges Northern Ireland UK

Jardins do Rio Mondego, Coimbra, Portugal (left) / Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland, UK (right)

Nature in as a whole tends to be a profoundly beautiful thing, but there are few things more magical than finding yourself under a canopy of trees in a tree tunnel on some warm summer evening. Whether they’re formed naturally, accidentally, or with a little help from some patient and talented gardeners, these tree tunnels are sure to enchant anyone lucky enough to walk below their verdant boughs.

Despite how slowly trees grow, they are remarkably receptive to various methods of altering their growth. With strong, persistent and very patient force, trees can be sculpted into a variety of forms. Some of these tree tunnels have been formed and sculpted by careful gardeners to ensure that they conform with their urban surroundings.

GREEN PARK LONDON ENGLAND UK Drottningholm Parken Stockholm Sweden

Green Park, London, UK (left) / Drottningholm Parken, Stockholm, Sweden (right)

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